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Artist Statement

Our cities and buildings are constructed spaces intended to keep us safe from encroaching nature. Yet I am fascinated by the ways in which these spaces’ occupants choose to bring nature back into them: landscaping, houseplants, even decorative elements. There are also the plants pushing up through the cracks of the city’s infrastructure, uninvited- a source of pleasure for some, a nuisance to others. As nature intersects with city spaces, I wonder what its shape can reveal about our inner workings. Is this a type of psychic survival, is it about control, or what else?
The layers inherent in printmaking and paper cutting techniques help describe the complexity of experience. I look for ways to relinquish control and invite an element of chance to the process. Repetition creates a riot of layers in various registers, and repeating layer upon layer begins to describe an overwhelming force. With every new layer I find myself seeking balance between the organic and the constructed, never sure if I may find it.

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